Creating a California for all of us

We are California. We are neighbors who look out for one another.

We are immigrants who have recently arrived and have developed deep roots. We are parents nurturing the next generation. We are students fighting for the California dream.

We come from all parts of California, from the coasts to the deserts, from the farmlands of the Central Valley to the suburbs of the Inland Empire, and every city in between. We hustle, we innovate, we lead, and we’re coming together to create a California for all of us.

The richest corporations and the 1% have unimaginable wealth, but we have each other. And when we stand up, regardless of how much money we make, who we love, or what we look like, we can create a better future.

Because together, we are California.

We Believe

We can build a California where:

    • All are valued, regardless of where you were born, the color of your skin, who you love, or how much money you make.
    • All Californians deserve a thriving planet with housing, healthcare, education, and clean air and water.
    • We can build safe neighborhoods without sacrificing justice.
    • Government should work for all Californians, not just the wealthy and well-connected.
    • Democracy is stronger when it includes all of us. All of us have a role to play in our democracy.

In your Neighborhood

We Are California brings together grassroots organizations throughout the state, connecting leaders to create the future we deserve. Wealthy corporations rely on their corporate lobbyists, but we have the power of the people.


Find a community organization in your neighborhood.