We Are California

A movement of voters using our power to create laws that work for ALL Californians – not just corporations or the richest 1%. We are the majority in this state. It’s time to use our power.

Who We AreTake Action

Who we Are

You are California. Not big oil companies that poison our air and fight regulations. Not corporations that refuse to pay their workers a wage they can live on. Not billionaires exempt from paying the same taxes you pay.

Big corporations and the richest 1% have been using their money to influence decisions made for our communities for years. But we have something they can never have; we have the power of the majority. Together we have the power to create a California for ALL Californians.

Californians will have the chance to vote for new laws that can help fix our neighborhoods and state – but only if we use our power at the polls.

We are the majority in this state.

It’s time to use our power.

New & Growing

We Are California is new and growing. By 2018 we’ll have 1 million members, voting together across the state.

Majority Power

We Are California has the power of the majority. When we vote together, we can make the best decisions for our communities and statewide.

Working For Us

We Are California has the power to make sure our decision makers are working for us: provide quality, affordable education for our students; access to affordable healthcare; and cleaner, safer streets.

Reasons to Join

  • Your community deserves more services, better schools, cleaner streets and stronger infrastructure.

  • You believe everyone should have access to good jobs and a living wage.

  • You believe people like you, and not big corporations should make decisions for your neighborhood.

  • You know everyday people can make a difference when they take a stand together.

  • You are ready to use your power at the polls to help make better decisions for California.

Join the Movement

This fall, we’ll have the opportunity to make important decisions, but we’ll have to vote together to make sure our voices are heard. Join the We Are California movement today.